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For our in-depth analysis of the cougar phenomenon, read on...There’s been an enormous amount of media coverage centred on older women dating younger men over the last decade.No matter the age, if the one interested in me is satisfied, and I am as well........is what the market will bare when it comes to relationships. like lets say the guy is 25 and the woman is almost 40...the guy is the one seeking the woman, i feel its crossing the line, do you?

I just wanted to say that I now understand why older men date younger women.I would honestly say "it works just as well with women".You failed to understand that younger females have a insecurity problems that are easily corrected by maturity. GIRLS mature sooner than BOYS, but they level out after puberty.Many men mature in different ways, and at different times, which could make the range of those they might be interested in vary significantly. That I do not mind dating a woman that has the maturity of my mother, but if she looked like my mother, or let herself go, it would not matter her age or maturity, it just would not happen.What we do know about dating over all, is that the market is such that the buyer must be aware, and know what is accepted or not. " daddy issue's", but what about a older woman with a younger guy...

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