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He will be getting "regular" job one day, and a Columbia degree will look great on his resume.

That wrestling is making that possible for him to get in there, he should be very grateful.

As someone stated earlier, I have a feeling this relationship won't last through college.

Let's face it, compared to NYC college life, there aren't too many gay and out boys in north suburban Chicago.[quote]As someone stated earlier, I have a feeling this relationship won't last through college. Yes attractive straight guys and gay guys can be friends, it's really not that crazy.

Unless you are an idiot you choose the better school that will look better on your resume.

It isn't like he is some hotshot football or basketball player that might get drafted into the pros.

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I'm feeling the love tonight, I hope you all are too.[QUOTE]people on DL seem to dislike the site Most likely because you have some of *those* types of gays on here, who think guys into sport can't possibly be gay, and that it's just guys trying to be straight, straight worship, blah. Didn't mean my post as a criticism of you personally, just the article.

He said he received acceptance from almost everyone, even North Suburban Conference wrestling rivals.

After placing fourth at state, Geick told Pioneer Press that the team culture set by head coach Shane Cook was a vital part of his success at Stevenson."You wrestle for yourself at this time of the season, but it's always about the bond between teammates and your friends," Geick said.

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You are repetitive, one-note, and never add anything to a discussion. People never read articles, now they don't even bother skimming the thread, jesus.

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  1. Not long ago, I was interviewed about the site by one of the leading gospel radio and magazine personalities in Houston, and we were bombarded by callers questioning whether the church should support online dating.

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