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However, visiting one's problems on a child is inappropriate because the child has no remedy: they cannot divorce their parents and live independently.Without adequate care, they get sick or even die; those who survive often suffer serious psychological trauma, chronic physical illnesses, and/or developmental problems, sometimes irreversible.Abuse, unfortunately, affects people from all walks of life, and leaves an aftermath that can be hard to talk about: PTSD, suicide, addictions, DID, you name it.

People who can't afford bare necessities can apply for government assistance or reach out to charities.Some people leave once they realize it and never look back.Others run off during the eruption, wait out the danger, and come back once things calm down.This page might be hard to read, as some people subject their children to torture, as defined in The United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.However, avoiding this topic doesn't work, because survivors of this type of abuse often end up unsure what to call their experience, whether it's OK to talk about it, and whether it ever happened to anyone else....

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One of the reasons it's happening is that abuse robs you of your identity, so once it's over - you feel lost and unsure of who you are anymore, and try to fill your life with unhealthy distractions.

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