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Your baby can't focus farther than 8 to 12 inches away – just the right distance for her to gaze at your face. Her hearing is fully developed and she might turn toward familiar sounds, such as your voice.

She can lift her head briefly and turn it to the side when she's on her stomach, but when she's upright her head and neck still need support.

They both arrived at the traditional point of no return as. It is when you no longer want to work with someone you have no future to be with. You can never use a formula to a relationship, but in general, both of which are experiencing a period of grace, with the nadir of the brand coincides 6 months.

Sorry to make it sound foreboding, but after six months, you should come much better or not. You can claim to be for six months on the perfect pair to deceive, and play with the fate of his fate. It is of course to start hot and heavy - the main feature that we find attractive at first is physical.

She views the world in full color now and can see farther.

Your 3-month old actively enjoys playtime now, amusing you both when he imitates your facial expressions.

He's starting to babble and mimic the sounds you make. When he's on his stomach, he can lift his head and chest, and even do the mini-pushups that set the stage for rolling over.

The first days with your 1-month-old can be a blur of feeding, changing diapers, settling her to sleep, and responding to her wails.

But within a few weeks, she'll start to take more notice of your voice, face, and touch.

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Too many couples take this as a sign of the apocalypse. This is the first sign that you should turn the page and complete your first year together.

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