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For starters, consider the following concept: if you do something social that you enjoy for long enough, you’re likely to meet someone you find interesting enough to go out with at least once.Whether it’s hiking in a group, riding motorcycles, going rock-climbing, working out, joining a photography class, or even just traveling—go with one of your hobbies and you’ll have better luck sticking with that.Instead of continuing in the time-honored tradition of Indian pot-luck parties and Diwali functions I grew up with, I would like to cultivate new traditions that reflect my own understanding of who I am.Unless I am able to find more couples who are comprised of husbands and wives who grew up in the same way I did, I am doomed to pretend one of the following: a) I like pot-luck parties; b) I can speak Hindi and watch and enjoy the films; c) American culture is secondary.I know too well about this problem, because of course I used to do the same thing.We ABCD's were young together as sulking boys and awkward girls, and I always pictured that we'd all grow up and marry each other. I've married an Indian from here, but I feel no more confident about belonging to a group that truly represents me than I did when I was thirteen.First, you’re probably good at it, and second, you’ll simply be out enjoying yourself rather than just trying to pick up someone.

It perplexes me that it seems easier to go through the Mother Country's marriage market than to forge relationships between those of our own kind.This is also where most people are their own worst enemies, because most people try too hard. The world, television, and even some of your friends would have you believe that the best place to meet that special someone is a bar or club on a weekend night.While it’s true that it’s possible, it’s certainly not easier, and, in fact, is usually a lot harder than other less typical, yet more effective—and ultimately more fun—ways of meeting people.Some pointers: After two dates, you're not dating yet.If you are, there's something wrong with BOTH of you. Men: leaving a note on her car without your name or any other information besides, "I think you're cute! Ladies: repeatedly calling someone you’ve never met or only met once or twice comes across in much the same way.

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This rationale seeks to explain why many ABCD boys and girls don't feel chemistry with each other (because they have grown up often like siblings together, going to the same parties and religious activities, etc.).

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  1. “There’s no safer place to meet,” she says, “than in a virtual world.” The Internet can also be a boon for busy adults, Brathwaite says, allowing people to have social and romantic encounters online that they simply don’t have time for in conventional space.

  2. You talked about the idea that we're already living in an "Idiocracy" world, and I have to say, I know things are bad, but I don't think we're there yet. But I don't think they're really determining the direction. There's too many mean-spirited, dumb people, and it's just an overwhelming death by a thousand cuts, is what it is. Mothersbaugh: I think you're talking about the population culling itself, either naturally or unnaturally. Mothersbaugh: It is--if you want to see things change.