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But again, for 0, it’s by far the best bike computer out there at that price (or anywhere near it). Which is too bad, because I think they were onto something. If I didn’t list something here, then it’s because nobody has shown any interest in whatever model I didn’t list this year.

Wahoo ELEMNT: If you want a bigger screen – go forth and substitute everything I said here and just remove the word ‘Bolt’. Or, it’s because it didn’t hit my mental radar as I wrote this.

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Meaning that you’re unlikely to run into any stumbles with the basics like tracking where you’re going or how fast you’re going. For example, with Garmin the experience on the Edge is heavily driven by your interactions with the Edge itself.Still, there are other units out there, so let me just list them off real quick.Garmin Edge 820: Yup, it’s basically an Edge 520 with a sometimes finicky touch screen added and proper navigation.But as for me, I’m holding out for my own universe, although I’m sure it requires a bit of after-death training to run one.There are two questions which reign supreme around these parts: Which watch to get, and which bike computer to get.

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