Accommodating resistance training machines

Adductors are the groin muscles and are frequently under trained and fatigue, therefore the risk for injury is very high.

Technically, the athlete sits in the adduction machine and secures the legs against the resistance arms.

This post only deals with the beginner list first, my next post will reveal an intermediate list, and then another that will cover an advanced list.

In most fitness clubs, there are always a host of machines, the leg press is one of them and provides the beginner with a great leg workout without having to learn a bunch of technique. A player must increase the strength in their legs to move more efficiently for longer periods of time.

It is hard to reveal the 8 best strength exercises for a tennis player without an understanding that the best exercises are usually those that need a lot of technique work.

Though I favor doing back squats, front squats and many variations of the Olympic lifts, I understand that those lifts can only benefit those that can properly learn them.

Therefore, I am leaving some of the most advanced exercises out.All are key for tennis players to rushing to a drop shot or to hit a shot at the net.These are the sprint and accelerator muscle for the tennis player.Start with a lightweight, pump out about 8-10 reps, adding weight each set until you do 4 complete sets.The last set should be tough and coming close to failure.

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Be in control and feel the hip adductor muscles (the groin) working.

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