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From Freshmen, as I mentioned last week, they just release a bareback sex tape where Christian Lundgren gets fucked Joel Birkin’s huge cock.I also found 3 video clips of stunning gay porn star Hoyt Kogan during his travel to Flirt Summit 2017 in Costa Rica.

The Sword: What are the three best things about being Bambi? I can only take his extra thickness in my “pussy” so much, so a lot of our sex life is based on mutual oral sex, and he is great at pleasing me with his mouth. It was during gay pride weekend after we’d been partying all day on Molly. I never thought he would ever bottom, and I didn’t know I knew how to top, but I really liked it!!

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I think men are drawn to me initially because of my appearance, but I have been told that it’s my crazy hot-blooded personality that really makes people remember me. I love working with a lot of the models; Joey Hard is by far the one I have most fun working on.

Who has been the easiest porn star to do make-up on? I also have really enjoyed working with Marcus Mojo, Rod Daily, and Austin Wilde. Some of the twinks can be annoying, but they’re fun for the most part. What would it be called and what would it be about?

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