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You can mix both UUID and SEF name, and keep CF out of it. And if you have to change the image, you again filter the directory for “_UUID.”, and save the new image with the exact name with overwrite.What I do for projects like this is store the file with both the SEF name and UUID. Filtering on the UUID to manage the file is an extra step in the CMS coding, but I can tell you from experience that it works well. q=Faulhaber BP4 series BLDC Servo-motors&tbm=isch ( https:// You’ll see the first image is from a site I built.The image file name is faulhaber-bp4-series-bldc-servo-motors_512A7FA0-5056-A818-6212AC62E81C5B88_I have another delimiter there, so I know which image to server and modify. If the SEF changes I can modify all - based on the UUID and _size.Thanks but the goal is to avoid rewriting image file names on disk if needed (for example, if product data or targeted keywords change) since it creates more moving parts and thus is more error prone.

With great power comes great responsibility, and all that.

You can't tell from that URL that that page allows you to buy a Norwegian Blue Parrot (lovely plumage).

It's a fairly standard URL - the sort you'd get by default from most CMSes.

The content would be returned from the original URL without a redirect. This would be useful because at scale, it’s easiest to use a UUID for image names.

But it’s also useful to include relevant keywords in an image file name for better SEO.

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