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At this time, the mine workings at Cwmystwyth were described by John Leyland, King Henry VIII's antiquary: "About the middle of this Ystwith Valley that I ride in, being as I guess three miles in length, I saw on the right hand side of the hill side Cloth Moyne, where hath been great digging for Leade, the smelting whereof hath destroid the woodes that sometimes grew plentifully thereabout." Leyland also wrote in his Itinerary in Wales in 1536-1539 'There hath been in times paste a greate mine digging for leade in Comeustwith a vi.miles from Stratflur, wher is a graunge longging to Stratflure.Between 400 and 500 million years ago, the present location of Wales was deep below the sea in what has been called the 'Welsh Basin'.Here, marine sediments - mudstones, siltstones and sandstones formed and were then buried beneath several kilometres of more recent sediment - much of which has now been eroded away by the processes of nature.Cwmystwyth has been important throughout history for its mining, and in medieval times, the land there was owned by the Cistercian monks of Strata Florida.The first written records of mining in Ceredigion are in the form of a mining lease from Strata Florida Abbot Richard Talley dated 1535.

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I like to have a good time and never bring drama to the table. I am in college and have big THANGS planned for my future...

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I guess iam a laid back peorson who likes to have fun and hang out but still knows if your going to get any where in life you have to work for it.

Third get to know me and you'll find I have many facets.

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