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A pharmacy college decided to strengthen its three-year pre-professional curriculum by transforming it into a four-year liberal arts-based program.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, American colleges and universities are not averse to change; they have proven remarkably adaptable over time.

Most—although not all—participants chose a workshop in their region, which meant that lodging expenses were usually unnecessary and travel costs were modest.

(An unanticipated benefit, we learned from participants, was that driving time with colleagues often served as a valuable extension of the workshop activities.)The agenda for the day (which typically lasted from a.m.

This included detailed information about independent higher education, such as: All of these materials continue to be available on the CIC website.

Although the major focus of the gatherings was on creative strategies that have been or can be implemented on member campuses, most of the workshops began with discussion of the significant issues that participants believed their own institutions faced.

CIC encourages institutional leaders to share the report with trustees, senior administrators, faculty and staff members, campus planning committees, and other constituents who might be aided in their efforts to lead change on campus.

, was a series of eight workshops hosted by CIC member presidents on campuses across the nation in 2016–2017.

The goals of these workshops were to help member colleges and universities prepare for the future more effectively and become more engaged in promoting the value of the liberal arts and of independent colleges and universities.

Allegiance to mission does not stifle creativity or even forestall a degree of re-invention.

For example, an independent college founded by Scandinavian Lutherans, yet also responsive to its Southern California location, has now evolved into a Hispanic-serving institution.

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CIC thanks the representatives of more than 120 colleges and universities who participated in the workshops.

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