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My name is Brinden and my life sort of revolves around cartoons, movies, sex, cereal, love, music, video games and adventure.I get all hot and bothered when a guy romances me and appreciates time with me.I give off good energy, am very sweet and asked all the time why I don't have a boyfriend.

Just say good day or hello as you walk past the front desk and go down the hall to the left. The problem is there are no people coming in this bathroom to cruise. Trust me the staff doesn't really bother people headed for the restrooms unle...

Is picking up sexy gay men at your local gay bar not panning out like it used to?

That’s because the Milwaukee gay dating scene has moved to Gay

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I was smart enough to know something was up by the way they were acting. Also, like most bookstores in Wisconsin there are no doors on the booths.

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