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Learn great strategies for what you can do now going forward.

Getting one’s foot in the door and managing stressful situations at work, so the result isn’t termination or lack of promotion are some of the obstacles to successful employment.

In fact, broad skill areas such as executive functioning, emotional regulation, self-care, and social functioning can often help make accurate predictions of levels of collegiate success, the student’s response to stress, and the methods in which they may cope with the adjustment.

Finally, the audience will be provided with relevant information that will connect specific skill deficits with practical strategies or resources in a collegiate environment that would help students with autism spectrum disorders experience post-secondary success.

If an emergency situation arises that doesn’t allow for advanced preparation, knowing key information to relay to the medical personnel at the beginning of an encounter can shorten the time to receive treatment and decrease anxiety and frustration for the patient.

D) Sexuality and the Spectrum: Lessons on Sex, Dating and Love Autism Style ** Please note this workshop is being offered in both morning and afternoon sessions due to anticipated demand ** Individuals on the autism spectrum are sexual beings, yet they are often not taught the necessary skills to be successful in romantic relationships.

Transitioning to a new medical care provider can be difficult for anyone, but especially individuals with ASD, who may have difficulty with change in general.

Advance preparation for this change will benefit both the patient and the practitioner.

We will also review how to find various transportation options in one’s community since the options for someone living in rural areas can be very different than someone living in urban areas.

Bring your questions and desire to learn about what is currently working for those with ASD.

EMPLOYMENT PANELISTS workshops, one for each of the following two afternoon breakout sessions.

This presentation will cover the importance of knowing yourself (likes, dislikes, strengths, challenges), exploring employment options that are suitable for you, understanding what’s involved (skills, requirements, environment, demand), developing an action plan, and following through.

C) Transition to Adult Healthcare Most young adults transition from a pediatrician to a general practitioner or internist around the age of 18-21 years.

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