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, 67 (1953); Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, Open Government Guide: Access to Public Records and Meetings in Alabama. Alabama's Public Records Law, first enacted in 1923, begins with Ala. Prior to 1923, there was a common law right of access to public records dating to at least 1882. The terms of a separation decree are legally binding.Should you or your spouse wish to later modify the terms of your separation decree, you can only do so if you both agree to the change in writing or if you prove to the court that a substantial change in your circumstances merits modification of the original decree.After the court issues you a legal separation, you are free to obtain and convey property without your spouse's consent.

Without stating definitively whether Alabama government documents are copyrighted, the Task Force concluded that most distribution of government documents under the public records law falls under the fair use provision of federal copyright law. It is not clear from the language of the statute whether "citizens" refers to citizens of Alabama or citizens of the United States. The Alabama state code is in a website that does not encourage deep linking; individual sections of the code have no navigational links.Married couples in Alabama who do not wish to divorce but no longer wish to live together have the option of petitioning the court for a legal separation. "any product, process, idea, concept or procedure subject to protection under a copyright, patent or trade secret law, which was developed, invented or discovered through the utilization of [Alabama Supercomputer Authority] supercomputer and associated resources" The Alabama Library Association appointed an Alabama State Publications Task Force which examined the copyright status of Alabama government documents. Twice in the Alabama code specific records are referred to as "property of the state": Ala. Although we include direct links to sections of the code here, you may wish to navigate it from the top level,

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Some would say they shouldn't have based on the crimes they committed."Blackshear says the new law more clearly defines who, as a felon, can vote vs.

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