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Full Story Alexander Skarsgard received his first Emmy nomination yesterday in the limited series supporting actor category for his excellent work as Perry in Big Little Lies.As noted the other day, BLL did more for his career than Tarzan, which was supposed to make him a big movie star.It’s great if there are moments when he actually understands what he’s doing, or there are moments when you think he’s charming, and you get why she’s attracted to him.”Skarsgard’s own upbringing was almost as bohemian as Minnie’s.The eldest of six, his family lived in an apartment block, close to his grandparents and cousins; every night, there’d be boozy dinners – “a lot of wild hippies and artists and anarchists”.’ It wouldn’t be interesting if it was him preying on her for an hour and 40 minutes.”Monroe is no one-dimensional predator; Skarsgard talks about looking for the “real” aspects of him, where he’s weak, confused or like a lost teenager.“I thought it would be more interesting for the audience if you are confused and not sure how you’re supposed to feel about this whole situation.Full Story Earlier this year, Alexander Skarsgard won an Emmy for Big Little Lies.Now, he is graduating from a supporting role to leading, as he has signed on to star in The Little Drummer Girl, the next John le Carré adaptation from the team that made The Night Manager. Jacek’s hair looks the same to me and he’s generally a pretty chill guy.

The night before I meet Alexander Skarsgard, he’s guest of honour at the premiere of his new movie, Diary of a Teenage Girl, at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

He’s obviously 35 and she’s a teenager and he’s responsible for what happens.

But the challenge that I thought would be interesting was: ‘How do you make him real?

The eccentric singer released the tune as a single in 2009, and enlisted Swedish heartthrob Alexander to act as her love interest for the accompanying video.

In the clip Gaga playing a doomed starlet, who struggles with the pressures of fame and Alexander appeared as her boyfriend, who pushes her off a balcony during a passionate exchange.

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