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This statue depicts Reverend Andrew Murray in later life, sitting down to preach.Reverend Murray moved to various congregations over the years and finally ended up in the Wellington church where he continued his work until his death in 1917. Imposing tombstones on the church premises bear names of prominent ministers and their families.

A new era broke in 1871 with the arrival of the Reverend Dr Andrew Murray.

On the recommendation of the then British Governor at the Cape, Sir George Napier, Wellington was named after the Duke o Wellington 25 years later after the famous Battle of Waterloo in 1815. Thirteen years later, this quiet rustic village became a hub of activity.

The roads were improved and on the 13 September 1853 the first bridge was opened across the Berg River and a day later, on 14 September, the Bains Kloof Pass was opened, thus the opening up of a route to the North.

Wellington’s Public Library was established in 1879.

The library building which dates from 1923, has a sealed bottle in its foundations containing the signatures of the erstwhile mayor and councillors, local church ministers, library committee members, principals of local schools, the architect, builder and the librarian, as well as several coins and editions of the Cape Times, Die Burger and the Wellington Gazette.

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