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Religious institutions (churches, synagogues, etc.) can provide many opportunities for their congregation’s singles to meet.

They often hold varied gatherings for their single members, providing opportunities to better know others who share their similar religious backgrounds and beliefs.

Regardless of which dating method you decide to try first, there are some common principles that can make a difference.

The first is being clear with yourself and about your intention to meet someone.

Another bonus is that new friendships are often made in the process.

Give consideration to the vast number of ways to meet potential partners, and be open to trying several different ones, if necessary.

Match has more than 23.5 million members, and you can narrow down your dating preferences as much as you want, including musical interests and lifestyle habits.

Most communities now sponsor a site where local people can meet in a group setting to enjoy shared interests with one another.

There are dozens of meetups as diverse as hiking, wine tasting, and mountain bike riding.

I've always had a couple of alternatives up my sleeve when it comes to meeting potential dates.

Online dating, without question, has proven to be enormously successful (not to mention a multi-million dollar industry).

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