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It told the simple tale of a perfectly normal all-American cheerleader called Buffy Summers who discovers her destiny is to battle vampires and demons.

She was only girl in the world who could do it, but had to do so while balancing her day-job as daughter, friend and schoolgirl. It was smart, moving, funny, heart-breaking and (in places) musical.

The series concluded in 2003 with the feminist masterstroke of finally allowing Buffy to decide if she WANTED to be the Slayer, and saw the hero and her surviving chums leaving the town of Sunnydale as rubble.

Carpenter: It was a character that was an adolescent young woman assuming her destiny, and that's a powerful message.

() It was a midseason pickup and nobody thought it was anything.

Strong: I had one line in the unaired presentation!

The last decade has been kinder to some than others…

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers: The post- hasn’t been easy for Buffy’s stalwart friend.

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It was this dark burgundy red T-shirt that had witchy looking Aztec symbols on it with sparkles.

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