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” No, we automatically say they are a victim; it wasn’t their fault.Now I know it was not my fault that a pimp manipulated a child.But I want you to think about young women and even girls that you have seen late at night when you come home from work or a social event.Maybe you have seen them in the streets in short dresses and spike heels. We do not look at the faces of these young women and girls who are forced to be out in the street.

So when a man came into my life and showered me with attention and listened to me when I complained about my parents, I did not think twice that he was ten years my senior.

I had no idea the “family” meant myself and three other girls. Afterwards, he said “that wouldn’t have happened if I would have just listened to him at first.” I blamed myself instead of being angry at him for being raped.

After I was introduced to the “family,” I was told what my role would be. I was angry at myself for not listening to him in the first place.

It did not matter what my parents said, to me they did not understand me and he was the only one that “got me”.

After six months, I thought I loved him, at least that is what he told me, so I did what I thought my heart was telling me and ran away to be with him. He told me we were going to meet the rest of the family.

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