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“We only have so much we can give to people,” Alpert says.

“Knowing that you’ve fallen into it is a huge advantage,” Dow says.

“The challenge is if you are a very sensitive person, that empathy becomes an open door to taking on other people’s feelings and not being able to have a sense of self to hold onto.” “It’s the way we’re wired,” says Jonathan Alpert, psychotherapist and author of .

“We try to connect to people, and we do that first by picking up on how they feel and then bringing a level of understanding and support.” So when your Facebook friend from high school decides to post for the tenth time today about how much her life sucks, or when your coworker is counteracting everything you say with a negative remark, here are some tips from life experts to keep your sanity intact.

“Not hanging out with them isn’t about being mean or judgmental,” Dow says.

“It’s self-care, and ultimately, it’s each of our responsibilities to ourselves.” Being connected at all times has its downsides, and if you’re dealing with your BFF’s issues at 11 p.m., you’re setting yourself up for problems.

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If you know you’re going to see someone who’s in a bad place emotionally, prepare yourself before you interact with them.

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