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But these somewhat shoddy attributes, once they’ve lost their initial go girl sheen, quickly morph into something cheap, lewd, or just plain silly.It’s not that there isn’t some funny, strange, even aw shucks material in Cameron’s collection – it’s just that it’s all been done to death.Playing with Matches is the answer to every single woman’s wail of “Why does this happen to me? Women from all over the world have contributed to Playing with Matches, answering the call for tragic dating tales in all their nasty and delicious detail.And as a survivor of countless terrible evenings, Cameron is an expert.Four of us — the single women at the baby shower — are hunched in a corner drinking bloody Marys and ignoring a chorus of cooing over a Winnie the Pooh breastfeeding pillow. ’” I snort my drink all over her winter white skirt. That someone actually manages to cook up a date like this is rare.“All night long he talked to me through the bloody cat,” Julie complains. She brushes it off without thinking and continues, “I bought leather knee-high boots for this guy? Playing with Matches is for women who, let’s face it, have much more experience with recipes of disaster than recipes for romance.We know that there are more bad dates out there than good ones.

Ho apprezzato molto l’idea della giornalista-scrittrice di raccogliere gli episodi più disastrosi e strani in fatto di appuntamenti, lanciando un appello via Internet a cui hanno risposto moltissime donne.Tassie Cameron is a Gemini and Canadian Screen Award-winning screenwriter who has written for television series, MOWs, mini-series, and feature films.Tassie is the creator, showrunner, and executive producer of ABC’s fall 2017 series , WIFT-T’s 2009 Creative Excellence Award, the WGC’s 2011 Showrunner Award, and the CSA’s 2015 Margaret Collier Award for Lifetime Achievement.An overwhelming fear of poverty drove Amy Cameron, an award-winning journalist and author, into film. Instead, she became the crime and aboriginal affairs reporter with New Brunswick’s provincial daily, The New Brunswick Telegraph Journal, where she won several awards including a National Newspaper Award for her coverage of a murderer on the run.Mistaken about the money but entranced with the medium, Cameron uses observational skills honed as an investigative reporter to craft stories that highlight strong characters, cultural divides and the absurdities of life. Cameron then moved to Canada’s national news magazine, Maclean’s, to write about business and the arts.

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