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With this capability, users can do things like continue watching a video in a floating overlay while answering a chat or hailing a car.

Last but not least, Android Oreo brings many new capabilities that make the software more secure and easier to deploy and manage in corporate environments. The Android 8.0 Oreo software update for Google’s own Pixel and Nexus devices is currently being tested by carriers and will release in the near future, said the search firm today.

You can easily block all alerts from a channel at once or change the behavior of each channel individually by adjusting such characteristics as importance, sound, lights, vibration and whether or not the channel is shown on the Lock screen or overrides Do Not Disturb mode.

Notifications can also have differently colored backgrounds, making it easier to visually separate, say, alerts for incoming messages from those containing driving directions.

Icons can now change their appearance and shape to reflect your chosen Home screen theme and support visual effects including the parallax effect as seen on the Apple TV icons.

Much bigger changes are available for Android’s notifications system.

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Wi-Fi Aware, formerly Neighbor Awareness Networking, lets devices with compatible wireless hardware communicate with each other directly, without an Internet access point.

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