Angie martinez dating juelz santana

With a last recorded weight of about 59 kg, she has got a sexy curvaceous body and is considered to be hot by her fans.

She has maintained herself over the course of time and has been exercising regularly to stay fit, and her healthy diet.

Worried about her daughter’s future, her mother decided to move away and settled down in Miami, where Angie got used to Hip- Hop music in the radio and soon started to work for one.

With not any pictures of her in bikinis or such clothes, she has got some sexy ones in which she has revealed more of her legs and cleavage.Fresh out of the bing, a freed Juelz Santana called into the Angie Martinez show on New York City’s Hot 97 radio station earlier this afternoon.Talking confidently, Santanta dismissed the drug and gun charges as bogus.I wanna be able to grow and I wanna have new challenges and see new things….It was time and I feel I’ve done what I can do in that company and I think my friendships remain and I never really subscribed to cuz somebody else works somewhere else, we hafta be enemies…

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I wasn’t even there.” Doing everything in his power to avoid jail time and clear his name, the Harlem native will take this case to criminal court in hopes of a dismissal.

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