Anime romance dating games

Dressing as a geisha, each episode tells the story of the undercover mission through the point of view of each captain.

But it isn't just the rival clans the Shinsengumi need to worry about.

Swords flash, heroes die and the fires of war, and passion, ignite!

There, this ordinary high school girl finds herself face-to-face with the mighty Greek god Zeus, who has an unusual request: remain in the dimension he has created and attend a school of legendary proportions.

Aside from the Shogun's behavior, they also face personal problems.

Kondou is recovering from his gun wound, Okita is bedridden, Sanna slips into madness, and Hijikata fights to keep them together.

With a three-way tie, QUARTET NIGHT suggests an idea which propels these three groups to aim for a new stage, leaving HEAVENS with a need for revenge.

When Haruka gets the chance to take the entrance exam for Saotome Academy for the Performing Arts, it seems as though she’s one step closer to her dream of composing songs for her favorite singer, Hayato.

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