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Guns are not a necessary or sufficient cause of violence and can be used legally for a variety of sanctioned activities.Still, they are especially lethal weapons that are used in approximately two thirds of the homicides and more than half of all suicides in the United States.Such interventions need to be further tested for their potential to reduce gun violence.The skills and knowledge of psychologists are needed to develop and evaluate programs and settings in schools, workplaces, prisons, neighborhoods, clinics, and other relevant contexts that aim to change gendered expectations for males that emphasize self-sufficiency, toughness, and violence, including gun violence.Toward this end, in February 2013 the American Psychological Association commissioned this report by a panel of experts to convey research-based conclusions and recommendations (and to identify gaps in such knowledge) on how to reduce the incidence of gun violence — whether by homicide, suicide, or mass shootings — nationwide.Following are chapter-by-chapter highlights and short summaries of conclusions and recommendations of the report’s authors.

These programs need further piloting and study so they can be expanded to additional communities as appropriate.In addition, public health messaging campaigns on safe gun storage are needed.The practice of keeping all firearms appropriately stored and locked must become the only socially acceptable norm.revention efforts guided by research on developmental risk can reduce the likelihood that firearms will be introduced into community and family conflicts or criminal activity.Prevention efforts can also reduce the relatively rare occasions when severe mental illness contributes to homicide or the more common circumstances when depression or other mental illness contributes to suicide.

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Increasing the availability of data and funding will help inform and evaluate policies designed to reduce gun violence. Guerra, Ed D Gun violence is an important national problem leading to more than 31,000 deaths and 78,000 nonfatal injuries every year.

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