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Each one is spiritually instructive for the reader. To bring them back to Himself, God disciplined His people by allowing them to fall under the control and domination of their enemies.Purpose Arthur Cundall suggested that one of the purposes of Judges may have been to provide apologetic justification for Israel's monarchy. Hostilities between the Israelites and the Canaanites after Joshua's death :5 1. Since Israel chose to bow down to idols, God allowed the Canaanite idolaters to bend her over in bondage.

The fact that the Hebrews placed this book in this section of their canon is significant. Social and governmental evils rise out of spiritual conditions.None, so far as we know, ever led a united Israel into battle. The very sin that had previously characterized the Canaanites of Sodom (sodomy; homosexuality, Gen. Chapter 19 comprises a third part of the appendix to the book.All, however, seem to have had this in common: they were men who, stepping to the fore in times of danger, by virtue only of those personal qualities (charisma) which gave evidence to their fellows that Yahweh's spirit was upon them, rallied the clans against the foe." William Wallace was such a figure in Scottish history. God revealed this process of deterioration to warn all people in every time.Eli and Samuel were also "judges," though not even mentioned in the Book of Judges, whose work the writer of 1 Samuel recorded. Israel began from a privileged position of divine blessing.Only the particular "judges" whom the divine Author selected for inclusion appear in this book. Israel's conduct toward Yahweh and Yahweh's treatment of Israel in the period of the judges :6 1. The pattern of history during the judges' era -23 3. In time, the people apostatized by turning away from Godand His covenantto the gods and practices of the Canaanites.

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In the broadest sense, the Hebrew word shophet, translated "judge," means "bringer of justice." These "judges" were like a cross-mixture between a mayor, a marshal, a prophet, and a general. This was the Israelites' "civil war," in which 11 of the tribes almost annihilated the twelfth: Benjamin (chs. Instead of utterly destroying the Canaanites, God's people had allowed them to live among them, while the Israelite tribes proceeded to destroy one another. When Christians stop carrying out their God-given task (cf. Three characteristics marked the social chaos in Israel during the period of the judges: Lawlessness characterized national life.

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