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TPVR operations are associated with shorter hospital stays compared to open surgery, but produce near-identical results.

The veteran action star traveled to Mexico in 1997 to undergo surgery to replace a pulmonary valve.

The actor's spokesperson said at the time that he had a congenital heart defect that had nothing to do with steroids, which Schwarzenegger had admitted to using during his time as a world-class bodybuilder.

On Friday, Schwarzenegger's representative released a statement saying the replacement valve from 1997 was never meant to be permanent and has outlived its life expectancy, so he chose to replace it on Thursday through the less invasive catheter valve procedure.

In a recent interview he gave in Australia, Schwarzenegger said his age is just a number to him.

'I don't even think that I'm 70, I know I'm 70, but so what? 'It's only on my passport or my driver's licence, but I feel the same way as I did 20 years ago.''I feel good about myself.

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Ketchell later shared an update on the social media site and added that Schwarzenegger was "awake" and in "good spirits", even managing to poke fun at his famous catchphrase."Update: @Schwarzenegger is awake and his first words were actually 'I'm back', so he is in good spirits," Ketchell added.

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