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Today, your Wo Wasiscorrespondents visit North America to report on Apartment Asian Massage Parlors.

Also, read the Wo Wasis post on commonly used AAMP acronyms relating to practices at North American massage parlors).

Women answer an ad to work in North America, generally for domestic help positions (they are not being “trafficked against their will, see section below on Trafficking).

At the interview, they’re frankly told that it’s sex work, and they can chose to do it or not.

AAMPs, as they are commonly known, are most typically found in large apartment complexes, although a few “float” in hotels.

Part of the service consists of a body massage, typically 20 minutes, generally given during the first part of the hour.

How these women creat an instant “home” in a motel room is a story in itself.

Women come into the business in one of two ways, either by answering a newspaper ad in a foreign country or being told about the work opportunity through a friend.

If hired through answering an ad If overseas, in China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand, it often works like this.

Although a number of these women live and work out of their own apartments, many do not.

So how do they instantly create a homey environment in a motel room in which they’ll only stay a few days?

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