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The entire source code of this article can be downloaded from here (pwd:dotnetcurry123#).I hope this article was useful and I thank you for viewing it.

It is used to play animations both while an Update Panel is updating and after it has finished updating”.You can read more about the Update Panel Animation Extender over definition tags call two Java Script methods respectively that are responsible for displaying and hiding the image progress bar while the Update Panel performs an update on the control.As shown in the previous methods, we have emulated a time consuming operation by setting a delay of 3 seconds by using Thread. You can replace this code with any time consuming operation, like fetching records from a remote database or performing any similar resource intensive operation.LTo accomplish this I included a fixed width div tag containing the image and set its display style to none.Then when the On Updating animation fires the Script Action, I find the div, set the display back to visible, figure out the bounds of both the Grid View and the progress div, and finally I do the math to determine when the div needs to be placed to overlay the Grid View.

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