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When talking about sign compatibility, we first have to explain something about the astrological or zodiac signs.

A very good and comprehensible overview and still one of the best about the general meaning of the elements can be found in Stephen Arroyo's book Astrology, Psychology, and the Four Elements: An Energy Approach to Astrology & Its Use in the Counseling Arts.

But it is common sense that fire signs not only are compatible with each other but also with air signs. From the above you can see that -- in theory -- sign compatibility is related to the four elements.

A marvelous overview on astrological signs, sign compatibility and the elements is written by Amy Keehn in her Love and War Between the Signs: Astrological Secrets to Emotional Compatibility (with a foreword by John Gray, Ph. According to Amy Keehn, there are profoundly different types of individuals: the Feelers (with the sun in a water or fire sign) and the Thinkers (with the Sun sign in earth or air).

The Now, if you wonder who is that person who continuously posts his/her activities, emotions, events,...

on social media (like Facebook) every single 'minute' a day, you may find out this showy behavior belongs to the Fire signs (Sun sign, Ascendant and/or predominant element)!

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