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That's not professional and user friendly to put icons for some of the menu items and leave the rest with no icons or put a blank list icon like it is done in Az DGDating.Such minor things will cause big problems in the future.More than half of them could be avoided for a better usability.Messaging Management In Az DGDating too all the messages which the users write to each other are being stored and the administrator can view them anytime he wishes.In order to add a new user the system loads the registration section of the site where you'll need to add a new user simply registering : D Why it was needed to create such a section in the admin panel when you can simply open the site itself and register a new user?There are too many menu items in Az DGDating admin panel.There are a lot of sections which I couldn't examine due to the fact that they were not being shown without non-write permission.

To be honest, I wouldn't use a solution which loads such news content from other sites as I can't be sure that it will not load malware and spyware to my server.

Wouldn’t it be better to either create the .htaccess file and put it in the original package or just avoid this section creating a help page somewhere to give an idea on how to make short URL-s?

Such sections make admin panels complicated and non user friendly.

That's a big disadvantage to have something like that on the site.

Under that block there's a section with name “Hosting Information”. Some developers don't consider the admin panel seriously.

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