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Respondents aged 18–24 are the most enthusiastic (36%)—but even among those aged over 65, more than one in five (23%) regard the Internet as a good place to find a partner.

However, the results also suggest that those with a higher level of education are less likely to regard the Internet as a good place to find a partner—28 per cent of those with a university education felt it was, compared to 36 per cent of those who had not completed high school.

The results are drawn from a larger survey of public attitudes towards the Internet, to be released on 8 March.

The survey interviewed 10,976 adult citizens who had used the Internet in the previous six months across 19 countries, and was conducted for BBC World Service by the international polling firm Globe Scan.

With much of Africa joining the internet and mobile phone revolution, the times of trying to glean information about happenings in the rest of the world on a crackly AM radio station have now passed by.

Over 25 years after its establishment, the site of the BBC’s former Indian Ocean Relay Station (IORS), located at Grand Anse, on the western side of the largest inhabited island in the archipelago, was handed back to the government of Seychelles by the country’s British High Commissioner, Lindsay Skoll.

The four steel towers of the former BBC World Service relay station, one as high as 75 metres and the others 65 metres tall, constitute an imposing and familiar feature of Grand Anse.

(John Lablache, Seychelles News Agency)Photo license (Seychelles News Agency) - Tuesday November 18 marked the closure of an iconic chapter of Seychelles’ history, signalling the end of an era when information was much more difficult to come by.

The handing over of the site to the Ministry of Land Use and Housing (MLUH) also included the station’s buildings and equipment, all of which are still in working order.A communications boost for Seychelles The station is equipped with 33KV high-voltage equipment and transformers which will now go into the possession of the Public Utilities Corporation, while the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) will take over three of the BBC’s four steel communications towers and the annex building.The SCAA will use the towers to strengthen its air communication and surveillance capabilities and the annex building will be used to house a new high-frequency aviation communications radio system to help control air traffic coming in from the west of the island.The nation’s bread basket Now that the site has been officially handed back to the government, MLUH has divided the assets among four local institutions.The Ministry of Natural Resources will take up occupation of the main station building for use as the new Veterinary and Livestock Services centre, which used to be situated at Union Vale, close to the capital city of Victoria.

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