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It could be quite hard to understand how and why someone stood you up.

However, this could also be a great opportunity to understand and identify what it is you are looking for when it comes to someone to date. As Wilson points out, doing this can also reveal that the very person you've been focused on may not have been the right one.

If it’s a blind date, this is even more important, because you won’t immediately recognize your date walking in.

If your date is looking forward to seeing you, she’ll call beforehand to say so and to confirm any details that have been left up in the air.

Sitting at a restaurant alone and realizing that you’ve been stood up after half an hour can be one of the worst experiences of your life. He called me the next day, and dropped by to my favorite coffee shop and asked me out to dinner the next Saturday. My friends who were with me liked him too, and they thought he was charming.

Well, here’s my ‘he stood me up’ story that you could probably learn from. I decided on the length of my skirt a week ahead, and got my hair done so I could look my best on that special date [Read: What to wear on a date].

The most obvious sign that you’re being stood up is actually being stood up.

If you think you’ve been stood up, give the person the benefit of the doubt but also be sure that the explanation you get is genuine. Is it the pizza place on Main Street or Third Street?

Of course, if you don’t know the person well and don’t have any attachments, you can just cut ties and move on. One sign that you’ve been stood up is that the details weren’t necessarily clear to begin with. If you’re not entirely sure what the plan was to begin with, that could signal a red flag.

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If he really wasn’t into you, or thought you two couldn’t connect face to face, then he would have called to let you know that he didn’t want to meet you. Tell him that he was inconsiderate and should have at least cancelled the date (unless there was a legitimate emergency).

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But if, after an hour, your date still has not arrived, feel free to make other plans.

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