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Phil was thirty-two years old, of average height, with a handsome face, brown hair, blue eyes, and short-cropped hair that was turning prematurely gray.The gray hair was an advantage on post, where everyone seeing him in civilian clothes assumed that he was either a field-grade officer or a senior NCO who was off duty.Clarence Tang—Defense Intelligence Agency counterintelligence case officer and Chinese linguist with DCS Task Group Tall Oak, Washington at Joint Base Lewis-Mc Chord, Washington. For those who have read them, you will find that this novel ties together the four previous books. Survival 1EXIGENT CIRCUMSTANCESThe backbone of surprise is fusing speed with secrecy.—Carl von Clausewitz Seattle, Washington—October, the First Year To Phil Adams, it seemed that his life had become jammed in “fast-forward.” Even though his job as a contract counterintelligence agent with Defense Clandestine Service (DCS) Task Group Tall Oak, Washington at Joint Base Lewis-Mc Chord was already fast-paced, recent global socioeconomic events were spinning out of control.

Tall Oak had one locked storage cage in the far end of the building that was used to hold their Field SCIF gear.For the first time ever, intelligence agencies had their budgets axed, and the deepest of those cuts were made to agencies with contractors.They were to destroy all of their holdings and shut down the Section.Even the mere possession of the uncombined components might be construed as criminal intent. If you make any of these devices and/or formulations, you accept sole responsibility for their possession and use.You are also responsible for your own stupidity and/or carelessness.

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