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Many program offers full or partial scholarships based on merit or need, and some are free altogether.Others keep tuition low to begin with to attract students who might be dedicated, but not wealthy.So, a really great pre college summer program will showcase everything that makes that institution special.

Inspire motivates American Indian youth to enroll in college by exposing them to college life, including living in residence halls, learning about majors, meeting American Indian ASU faculty and students, and practicing writing and learning skills.

And these programs are invaluable, showing students that college – and the financial and professional benefits that come with a college degree – is in their reach.

And it helps the school find promising students that might have missed out without the pre college program.

More importantly, though, a good summer program is enriching for the students and the school.

While some pre college programs are intended for high-achieving, super-ambitious students, many others are for the underrepresented student: first-generation, low-income, immigrant, or minority.

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