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Are there other sort of fake Housewives behaviors you see happening often? Ramona is definitely sowing her oats, and she’s in a different place. Carol’s embracing her relationship, which was questionable for other people. As always, I just say exactly how I feel, and I felt a lot of feelings and I was not afraid to express them. Sometimes I don’t even remember it’s the day that the show is airing. They get paid that salary and then create other little cute hobbies that they pretend are their businesses that they put on the show. Some of the fans complain that it seems like whenever you’re onscreen there’s always Skinnygirl behind you. Listen, if we go to Atlantic City, I’m bringing my booze. What I don’t usually do is just go out to lunch on a Tuesday.

It seems people are settling into who they are and what their lives are regardless of anyone else’s judgment or stereotype of it. Do you ever pay attention to the recaps and the fan reaction? If you can’t handle the truth, then you can’t handle me. But I have a business, so, as it should be, the show follows what I’m really doing. The same thing would happen if we went on a trip to South Beach and there were no cameras there. If you see us going out to lunch it’s a rarity, because I don’t really lunch as a verb.

Bethenny Frankel admitted that she dated Trevor Engelson, Meghan Markle’s ex-husband.“I met him in Chicago and we were supposed to go out, and I ended up seeing him one time and he’d been texting me,” she said, via ”Markle and Engelson started dating in 2004, and were married from 2011 until 2013.

Since their divorce, and Markle’s later engagement to Prince Harry, Engelson has pitched a “fictional” television show about a man whose wife leaves him for a prince.

She started off on The Real Housewives of New York as a single woman with barely enough money to get by. I think what’s going on is I have a home so I’m more settled with my belongings and I know where everything is so I can focus and put myself together.

While she was on the show she got married, had a baby, and launched Skinnygirl Margaritas, a brand she later sold for millions. I was living out of a car half the time when I was getting dressed going from interview to interview. I’m just more happy and more settled, and when you’re settled you feel centered and balanced. Do you ever catch the old episodes of the show when they rerun them?

People say, You inspire me, you’re so real, you tell it like it is, you’re my spirit animal, or I want to be you when I grow up. There is a beauty of it being new and fresh and dramatic and exciting.

This is your second season since you returned to Real Housewives of New York. I have a different perspective on it and I enjoy it now. I’m a mom now, and there are many mothers on the cast, and I find it to be different than when I was that single, broke, alone girl trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life. But there’s a beauty to being where I am now, taking it as a comedy and having a sense of humor about it and not buying into everything.

Khloe has just given birth to a baby girl with her partner Tristan Thompson, who has been under fire this week after videos emerged online that appear to show him cheating with other women.I enjoy the women and can relate to and identify with what a lot of the women are going through: personally, professionally, getting older. I appreciate the vehicle to just be free and say whatever you want, and that’s amazing because you don’t get to do that at work. I don’t think there’s any swing to get into, it’s just you doing you.Was it easier to get back into the swing of things this second time around? So is there anything new or different about this upcoming season that we should be ready for? It’s always been real, but it’s not sensationalized. You can tell when people are being a little contrived or Housewifely."Men who are posing in a bunch of pictures right away and jumping onto the television show, loving that Kardashian fame - that's a red flag," she says."I'm attracted to men who don't have an Instagram account, don't want to be on television - if they have to be, it's because I'm asking them to, just because the audience would like to see what's going on in my life," says Bethenny. But then maybe a civilian wouldn't want to be in the middle of all that.

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