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But online, the video and its cavalcade of stars gave the impression that Dotcom was aiming to cross over into the mainstream media business and even a music career."His plan was to create a more artist-friendly distribution platform where the creators would get paid more than what they do when Apple sells their product," says Batal.The raid, which culminated in the highest-profile arrest of an alleged copyright "pirate"to date, was the result of years of coordination among local police, the U. Department of Justice and the FBI and was carried out by personnel armed with M4A3 automatic assault rifles, Glock handguns, dogs, sledgehammers and saws. While living in Germany in the 1990s and early 2000s, he started several technology ventures, including an Internet retail site that tanked after he carried out a "pump and dump" scam with the firm's stock; and an e-payment company that cratered after it gave him a large loan.Police confiscated nearly million worth of cars as well as eight flat-screen TVs, jet skis and a statue that mirrored the one Batal had seen in Hong Kong. And this is to say nothing of his 1998 computer fraud conviction that stemmed from his hacking exploits.

The Department of Justice has alleged that the company generated million in ad revenue and more than 0 million in subscription fees during its existence.Applicants must be self motivated and internet savvy.This is an opportunity to evaluate and improve search engine results for some of the world's largest internet search engine companies.The Department of Justice did not return phone calls seeking comment.) The government's pursuit of criminal action against Megaupload has rattled the legal community."It was shocking," says Michael Elkin, an attorney who represented video-sharing site Veoh in its successful defense of a 2007 lawsuit by Universal Music Group.

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