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There were more than a dozen body camera companies on the show floor, but Taser made the biggest splash, constructing a Disney-style amphitheater called the USS Axon Enterprise.

The show began with a white-jacketed captain, who announced he had traveled back in time from the year 2055, where lethal force has been eliminated and police are respected and loved by their communities.

Over the summer, Vievu was acquired by a military equipment company called Safariland for an undisclosed amount.

"There was a huge change 18 months ago," said the CEO of the UK-based Reveal, which has been selling police cameras internationally for nearly a decade.

In December, President Obama called for million to fund body camera systems for local police departments, and while Congress hasn't approved the money yet, many police departments aren't waiting.

The Department of Justice has helped fund camera systems in 10 different cities, including Chicago itself.

In true Apple fashion, that’s also come with an aggressive marketing push.

That pressure began with the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri last year, which catalyzed a national movement against police violence.

More killings made national news in the following months — Eric Garner in New York, Rekia Boyd in Chicago, Tamir Rice in Cleveland, Sandra Bland in Texas, Freddie Gray in Baltimore.

If Taser has maneuvered its way to the head of the pack, it’s done it by borrowing moves from the consumer technology world.

In a pitch repeated over and over at IACP, CEO Rick Smith compared the company's system to the closed platform between i Tunes and the i Pod.

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In an investor meeting, Smith hinted at even more advanced features that could be built on top of all that data, such as recognizing license plates as soon as they're captured by a body camera or dashcam.

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