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Nonetheless, it could again become a global influence if allowed to do so, which is something that is again gradually happening after a long struggle toward freedom.

[Much more information of this kind is presented in Stephen Knapp's book "."] ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON THE AFFECTS OF IMMIGRANTS ON THE AMERICAN ECONOMY A team of student researchers in the Master of Engineering Management program of the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University led by Executive in Residence/Adjunct Professor Vivek Wadhwa, Research Scholar Ben Rissing, and Sociology Professor Gary Gereffi, has documented the economic and intellectual contributions of immigrant technologists and engineers to US competitiveness -- to understand the sources of US global advantage as well as what the US can do to keep its edge.

[Further research has placed the dates mentioned in this paragraph as actually being much earlier for some of these inventions, as explained in.] Ayurveda is the oldest school of medicine codified by Charaka 2,500 years ago.

The number of companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, at more than 6,000, is second only to NYSE. Four out of 10 Silicon Valley startups are run by Indians. With 800 movies per year, India's film industry overshadows Hollywood. The organized lottery market in India is USbn (2% of GDP). With all this evidence anyone can see the potential India and her people have exhibited in the past, only to have had it stifled and squashed by its conquerors over the centuries.The art of navigation was born in the river Sindh 6,000 years ago.The very word "navigation" is derived from the Sanskrit . Who is the new MTD (Microsoft Testing Director) of Windows 2000, responsible to iron out all initial problems? There are 3.22 million Indians in USA (1.5% of population). For the period of 2002-03, Indian students remain number 1 in U. university enrollments, totaling 74,603, up from the previous year. Quadratic equations were by Sridharacharya in the 11th Century; the largest numbers the Greeks and the Romans used were 106 whereas Indians used numbers as big as 1053. According to the Gemological Institute of America, up until 1896, India was the only source of diamonds to the world. USA based IEEE has proved what has been a century-old suspicion amongst academics that the pioneer of wireless communication was Professor Jagdeesh Bose and not Marconi. The earliest reservoir and dam for irrigation was built in Saurashtra. Some may dispute the facts, like, "India never invaded any country in the last 10,000 years of her history." But when many cultures were nomadic forest dwellers over 5,000 years ago, India established the Harappan culture in the Indus Valley. Who are the Chief Executives of Citi Bank, Mckensey & Stanchart? Indians are the wealthiest among all ethnic groups in America, even faring better than the Caucasians and natives. Pramathesh Rath has said that India (as of 2002) is the largest source of international students accounting for more than 11 percent or 67,000 of the over half-million studying in various universities in the U. In this case, Indian students for the first time outnumbered the hitherto largest source of international students, which was China. British scholars have last year (1999) officially published that Budhayan's works date back to the 6th Century, which is long before the European mathematicians. Algebra, trigonometry and calculus came from India. To elaborate on these points: A similar article to the one above was originally sent into the , by the Institute for Rewriting Indian (and World) History, which follows.

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