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In the alcove where the pulpit stands, Henry Wilson built a brick structure in 1901 to house a Walker organ.

Helen Davies, 38, of Ipswich Jaffa running club, came in first in the women's race for her second year.

Their success influenced him to purchase the rest of the site and the "Big Church" which you see today was planned. The foundation stone was laid in 1872 and the great day of the opening came on Tuesday the 8th September 1874, on the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The architect of St Bartholomew's was Edmund Scott who was born in 1828 and lived in London until moving to Brighton in 1853. He designed a number of churches and other buildings in Sussex, of which St Bart's is the most outstanding.

On entering, most people are amazed at the sheer height of and space within the building.

This is a photograph of St Bartholomew's which can no longer be taken.

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