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In conclusion, the price for this level of entertainment is MORE than fair. It's short, but worth the price and amazingly enough it has a depth to it that you'd not think of a game about dating pigeon to have. You can't upsize the resolution, it's stuck at it's tiny resolution.

You can’t assume that he won’t have a new one soon, because he is very young and very good.

Ever-charming Marcus Morris rolled the ball toward teammate Shane Larkin on the inbound, and then Matthew Dellavedova made the Matthew Dellavedova Play of the season and scooped up the ball and flipped it in one-handed under-handed for two points.

(The Bucks won by two points.) 5 For the second game in a row, Thon Maker blocked more shots than the entire Celtics team (5 to 3 and then 5 to 2).

Not only are there branches upon branches of story, but more options are unlocked at key decision points as you clear the game multiple times, opening the path for MORE endings!

Hatoful Boyfriend has hilarious and engaging dialogue.

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