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Being a newbie wasn't an issue as I launched myself into the chat room and away I went, laughing, commenting, smiling and discussing everything from the rain or lack of; I'm in Australia, to the heavy snow falls where many of the chatters are. Never have I looked forward to spending time on a chat site talking to real, friendly, laughing, happy people as I look forward to…Read Full Review Buzz is a fantastic site where you can meet people from all over the world, for banter, serious discussions or in real life.

I like the fact that the administrators, moderators and the site owners can all be easily contacted.There are sections to suit everyone from serious discussions to just for laughs.Then there are the chat rooms where you can chat to people live.If you feel that we have stopped you talking about other chat sites unfairly then I apologise. The administrators are very good very fast and accurate. Very interesting subjects and thought provoking discussion take place always. Read Full Review Written on: 12/02/2015 I am sorry that the way we dealt with your complaints was not to your liking.Now and then we do get members who join with the intention of telling others to come off the Buzzz50 site and chat elsewhere. Many Buzzers are members of other chat sites and openly talk about them. Written on: 20/07/2015 We care very much about what our members think and provide a whole range of chat facilities on the Buzz50site. We do try to please all members and deal with issues swiftly but not always to the satisfaction of all members.

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So the person began explaining and the mod judged them, told them they were wrong and to drop it. You also continually get email from the owner and ads all…

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  1. My rule of thumb is to take any statement made on email and divide it's wording impact in half so that you don't blow someone's face off. Now, rather than refer to 30 years' worth of research found in academic journals on social psychology and behaviour modification, I'll just sit here all smug and shit and point out that if you read my profile and don't message or reply to the Dodger, it's because you're some combination of train wreck, stupid, insecure, and boring. Since the Dodger is aware that the vast majority of women on online-dating sites are meet-nobody attention whores who are here for only ego-propping, validation, and therapy (that includes YOU until proven otherwise, sugar lips!