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This sterling silver is distinctively European in form, but features a beautifully rendered landscape, featuring scenes of rural Bengali life in a tropical, bucolic background in a style that is characteristically Calcutta.There were several silversmth shops in Bhovanipore in Calcutta around 1850-1900.Many of the top options can be found in and around Park Street, where the Park Hotel is the focal point and offers something for everyone.Why not grab a bite to eat at one of these authentic Bengali restaurants on your way out?

In the distant background, some hills hint at distance and perspective, and a band of ornamentation circles the rim and base above and below the landscape.It is possible that the pot was made for the China export trade, since the dragon was a popular Chinese theme, and the style of the finial is also of a type more Burmese or Chinese than Indian.The piece depicts scenes of rural village life: two different pairs of bullocks, pulling ploughs; one dhoti-clad figure, walking, sheltering himself with a parasol; another carrying a basket; and several village huts amid palm trees and umbrella trees.Grish Chunder Dutt was the finest silversmith in Calcutta.This charming sweetmeats bowl, in the Calcutta style, depicts a village scene of a farmer harvesting the crops in his field.

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