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Live Puppy Some viewers have expressed a desire to donate toward the high costs of keeping this live cam/website running. and click on the PAYPAL Logo to send your Donation. PORTION OF PUPPY SALES WILL GO FOR CANCER RESEARCH TO HELP FIND A CURE.

Litters of purebred black parents commonly produce puppies with white markings on the toe tips, at the chin, on the chest and at the tip of the tail.Furthermore, the subject of patched dogs was not raised by Schnauzer enthusiasts until the 1930s.However, on September 4, 1929, a litter of black miniature Schnauzers was born at the "Abbagamba" kennel belonging to Countess v. This litter included three white and black parti (schecken in German) puppies.We Hope to Partner with JOHNS HOPKINS HOSPITAL to support their Cancer Research. Email: [email protected]: Village Twitter: PUPPIES HELP FIND A CURE FOR CANCER!!!!!!These Puppies help fight Cancer by giving a large portion of all Proceeds from Puppy Sales toward Cancer Research to help find a Cure for Cancer.

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