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Was it a conscious decision by his agents and managers and publicists? ) , when Cooper began to shed his apparent fear of being known as a Philadelphian. One thing you surely know about Cooper is that he’s a hat guy.

“Hey, Bradley,” they might’ve said before film premieres or his weekly appearance on , “we know you’re proud of where you’re from, but maybe let’s leave that detail out for now, until you’ve got an Oscar nom.” Cooper’s profile might not have survived the connection to a city where adult men vomit on 11-year-old girls at Phillies games and where, yes, fans throw snowballs at Santa. At a Lakers game with Jason Bateman on April 20, 2010, Cooper sported a gray hoodie with elbow patches emblazoned with an enormous green eagle. He loves hats, and has loved hats his whole adult life.

Cameron - whose previous boyfriends include Justin Timberlake, Jared Leto, and baseball player Alex Rodriguez - is quoted by Us Weekly magazine as saying: 'There are many soulmates.Much like those not-at-all embarrassing signs that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield carried to redirect paparazzi photos into a call for donations to several organizations, throughout the years, Cooper has worn hats that say H2 (for ’s release, Cooper was seen wearing the Eagles hat on dozens of occasions: leaving the gym, going to the gym, arriving at LAX, leaving from LAX, perhaps as an attempt at Method acting.But in contrast with his other native hat-advertising campaigns, once the movie came out, the hat never came off. From my count since then, Cooper has worn some variation of a white, fitted Eagles cap on over 80 percent of occasions that he’s been photographed: on vacation while wearing ghastly orange swim trunks, dad-grooving to Fatboy Slim at Glastonbury, while strolling the streets of New York with .) The hat has been present through relationships with Renée Zellweger, Suki Waterhouse, and his current girlfriend, Irina Shayk.While there are no definitive Bradley Cooper Brainy Quotes about hats — “Hats: I’m wild about them” — there are hundreds of instances of Cooper wearing some sort of hat out in the streets on a near-daily basis.The only times he doesn’t wear a hat is when he’s on the red carpet.

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