Cancer woman and leo man dating

Leo woman will never accept to submit her ego whereas Cancerian man will also not like to bend down in front of his partner.

Ego problems and different opinions can be a problem with you off and on.

So there you are, with the most expensive tastes and royal gait.

In fact, you will be there in a corner - away from others. After all she is a royal one and does not like to be a part of the ordinary people or crowd or a queue.

You both are romantic and royal but in different ways.

It is suggested that you both do not try to overpower each other.

The people will be nicer and friendlier to each other which may help to make new contacts.

Doing it once is fine, twice is ok but when it gets regular you will realize you are slowly drifting away your Leo woman from yourself.

Socially, you may feel neglected when with your gregarious Leo partner as she is likely to steal the limelight.

He thinks he is very special and unique and dislikes being evaluated just like the common people.

This person is characterised by noble, ambitious, generous, proud, energetic and self-confident behaviour, yet on the other hand he may be big-headed, vain, autocratic, touchy, bossy and egocentric.

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