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You're serious on game day because you play the most demanding position on the field. You remember the other team's tendencies and know how to take advantage of them. A good catcher talks to just about everybody on the field, and this prepares you for life.

But, how does this all translate into how somebody acts while in a relationship?He's the kid who doesn't say much, but when he does, it's inspirational, hilarious or deep. We kind of hate ourselves for getting so into The Bachelor every year, but another season premieres on Jan.But like most lunks, the third baseman has a big heart, which is why you're also the most reliable guy on the team—on the field and off. Centerfielders have a very high opinion of themselves. Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock - Joe Donatelli is a journalist in Los Angeles.No statistics back this up, but if a stranger ever helped you change a tire or returned your wallet after you lost it, odds are he was a third baseman. Most people assume you are just a cannon arm activated by a shriveled monkey brain. He was born in Cleveland and is a graduate of Ohio University’s E. Scripps School of Journalism and the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles.

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“The child in us believes that if the original perpetrators — or their current replacements — finally change their minds, apologize, or make up for that terrible rupture of trust, we can escape from our prison of unworthiness.

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  1. (We count both young adults who have never been married and those who have been previously married as single or unmarried.) So, which large metro areas have the best “marriage market”?