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The Danes would naturally choose the northern bank of the river, which was the side in touch with their base, in the same way as the site of Godmanchester, lying on the south bank, had been selected on the side nearer the Roman headquarters in London.

At Huntingdon the Danes constructed defensive earthworks as a stronghold against the Saxon kings.

6) shows the portrait wearing a high peaked helmet and on the reverse a voided cross with bosses, and H a profile with sceptre and a plain voided cross.

No Huntingdon coins of Edward the Martyr have yet been found, but that does not necessarily imply that the mint was not in use in his reign.Wulwine and Wulwi are the names on Huntingdon coins of Harold I; the earlier of the two types of this reign is illustrated (fig.7); the later type has a long voided cross with a trefoil springing from each angle.It is the reign of Aethelstan that has left to us, in the edicts of the Council at Grately, the earliest surviving laws relating to the mints in this country.Under these laws Huntingdon, if it had at that time the status of a burgh, was entitled to have a mint with one moneyer. 1), which bears the king's title, 'Eadwig Rex,' in a circular inscription round a field bearing a small cross, disposes the reverse legend in three lines, the moneyer's name 'Dun[i]nc Mo[netarius]' being in the upper and lower lines, and the abbreviation of the mint, 'Hun,' between the crosses in the centre.

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3, 4, 5); B has the Hand of Providence, and E a cross voided over a quadrilateral.

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