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Both Harm and Mac thought the world of Bud, and in the series finale both of them all but begged Bud to join them in their new commands; Bud politely turned them both down because his wife wanted him and their family to stay in the D. In the latter, set 11 years after the finale of the JAG series, he is now a captain and still a JAG officer.

He most recently appeared in the season 15 episode "Dark Secrets". She replaced her future husband, Bud Roberts, as Officer in Charge of Public Affairs at USS Seahawk and later became part of the administrative staff at JAG HQ. A girl with a conflicted past, Coates came from an unhappy home with a very strict and unforgiving father; it was implied her father was physically abusive to her.

By the series finale, Harm and Mac became engaged to be married and would continue to live in either San Diego or London, based on who won a coin flip based on where they had been promoted to.

Mentioned having a sister named "Winnifred" or "Winnie" in Season 2 but she was never shown.Lindsey recommended that most of the senior staff be reassigned.However, when his dislike for the JAG staff and shoddy work was revealed, his report was disregarded by SECNAV as a "hatchet job" and he was forced by SECNAV to resign in disgrace. A naval aviator who became a JAG lawyer after being diagnosed with night blindness.His father was shot down over Vietnam and was listed as MIA, with Harm's attempts to find him forming the plots of several episodes.

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