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These titles will run into problems with both server maintenance and not working due to glitches within the game.If there’s game related problems then they often need an update to fix bugs, but server-side problems within Call of Duty need hot fixes without gamers having to download a patch.If you've got friends playing it then it is definitely worth the money, but I'd say that it's worth it regardless.

I play it from to time to time, sometimes casually and sometimes I play some friendly promod matches.Please report them on the Ice Ops forum (in the right section of course), and mention what you did when the error/crash/weird behavior occured.The modification is however stable enough for everyday use So, I only have 1.6 installed.Either way, when there’s problems with Call of Duty you will see status updates below.Those of you seeing error messages within Call of Duty: WWII, Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3, Infinite Warfare or other versions of this game should leave details below to keep the community informed.

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And here comes the question, am i allowed for example to use this "mod" or whatever you call it in cybergamer or any other competitive ladders (i.e.

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